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Lately I’ve been starting big debates with some of my gay rights posts on Facebook. One of the most mind-boggling hurdles someone threw my way was “We need to deal with the rights of common citizens that are being taken away first before we go granting new rights to people.” (Idea quoted not original text.)

And it’s been sitting on my mind for a while driving me nuts. I’ve been wondering if I should actually back down a bit and let other things get handled first. Besides, gay marriage might only be important to me for personal reasons where other things may affect our country more. But then I realized something huge.

By saying anyone can get married, except gays, you are taking rights away from a people group. These are not extra rights being given to homosexuals. Right now the government is basically saying “heterosexuals, you can take your relationship farther than homosexuals can.” And that is where the special treatment lies.

Don’t try to tell me that gays can cheat the system and get protections through wills and stuff. Yes they can but they shouldn’t have to go a complicated route with all sorts of paperwork and layers. If heterosexuals can go in, pay a small fee and walk out protected of many things by laws, so should homosexuals. If you want to make homosexuals take the difficult road, then abolish government protected marriage and walk down that path yourself.

I am happily married in what the world views as a heterosexual marriage but my husband and I would gladly give that up to walk that paperwork and layer road if it meant everyone was on equal footing. But since we aren’t I will fight for the rights that have been denied to an entire people group because they love someone who is their same sex.

Anti-gay rights people are withholding rights. They are bigots and they will lose this fight. I don’t need to prove that point. Time will do it for me and anti gay groups will be looked at the same way we today look at anti-black groups.

This is not a religious fight. No one gets to excuse their bigotry because God doesn’t approve of gays. It is a rights fight for the rights of our fellow citizens.


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