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Yay! Camping has finally started! Woo hoo!

And guess what?! I’m already ahead! Not by much but still ahead!

Here are a few tips that I’ve found this year already or are leftover from last year’s NaNo:

    1. Don’t blog/surf online for fun/etc until you’ve at least matched where you are supposed to be for that day.
    2. Get ahead as much as possible when you are in the zone. You will need that stock up later in the month. I promise.
    3. If you don’t have an outline yet, take a break and put some of your writing time towards putting together at least a vague one. It will help you tremendously. And you’ll make up that time no doubt.
    4. IF you have an outline but get stuck somewhere, skip it! That’s what the outline is for! Write scenes out-of-order and whatever you have in your head at the moment. It will save you a lot of wasted “writing block” time.
    5. Similar to the last one, learn to use the brackets as ways to insert a thought like [and then they do something that gets them to the place where _____ happens]. Seriously, you will love yourself later on and either save yourself from writers blocks or even boring scenes.
    6. Other suggestions for brackets are things that you need to fix with characters or plot holes but don’t want to waste precious writing time on that stuff, such as [change Sam’s name to Jessica from this point forward], [go back and fix Chelsea’s back story so that she now has a sister] and [act as if Owen and Jadara haven’t met yet]. Just don’t put your entire story in brackets. That defeats the point of writing a story.
    7. If your morning allows for it, get some writing in before you take off for the day. It will boost your confidence knowing that you at least have a few (or more) words already under your belt for the day. I did that today and it felt great. :) You won’t regret it if you do but don’t go out of your way to try this if you aren’t a morning person.

Well hopefully my first round of tips is somewhat helpful for someone. Mainly just keep writing, if you come to a block, skip it or just write something else entirely until you get an idea. Good luck campers!


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Well, online anyway. :)

This June I will participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. It is a summer version of the regular NaNoWriMo in November. I will still be trying to complete a 50,000 word novel but the twist during the camp months (there is also an August camp) is the addition of cabins. Each cabin holds six writers to write together and encourage each other throughout the month. It’s a great idea for a camp like this. Online encouragement of people doing the same crazy thing that you are.

On a personal note, I am very ready to start writing. I’m hoping that this month goes better than my last attempt in November. I learned a lot of tricks then that I will be applying during camp. Only three days left.

So if you are camping along with me, good luck!

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From playing house to partner Halloween costumes and everything in between, Grandpa showed me how to be creative. He taught me the basics of asking the question “What if?” and exploring the options.

Grandpa and I were always buddies. We were teammates for card games, marbles and anything else that came up. We were partnered for our annual Christmas shopping as well as dressing up as coordinating costumes for trick-or-treating. He even played dolls with me when I brought them out.

As I child, I always looked forward to when I could spend time with Grandpa and show him my new toys. Now as I’m older, I look back on those days and see that Grandpa was encouraging the main thing that would inspire my career path.

Grandpa inspired my imagination.

I always had it in me. Teachers would tell my parents that I had a wonderful imagination but that it was often getting in my way. Dad would always tell people that I was the imaginative child.

But Grandpa encouraged it more than anyone.
As a writer, imagination is definitely a key asset to unlocking great stories and catching people’s attention. Especially for a fantasy writer.

Some people would see trouble as Grandpa and I got together. They were right, of course. Two very imaginative minds in the same room was something fierce.
Up until now, I had never really given it much thought about why my imagination is so vast. It’s very obvious though. All those games, stories, costumes and memories were building on my already vivid imagination and creativity.

Imagination is definitely needed for writing. What about in the “real world” though?

Now that I’m older I hear a lot of Grandpa’s talks about politics and economy. I used to try to avoid them but now I listen to more of them. With our government in sad shape and our economy in the same rough position, imagination allows me to ask “What if?” and see what our world could be like if things were different.

I can see the world if different people were in power. I can see people if they cared for others more. I can see a society that works together. I can see what God made us to be. Most importantly, I can see what God is trying to create for us when he returns.

So the bitter people who look down on people with imagination like Grandpa and I are really missing out and I feel bad for them.

Imagination is a gift. And I’m so glad Grandpa encouraged mine.

~by Me, Christmas Present to Grandpa, December 2010

Grandpa just passed away due to a very aggressive form of cancer in his esophagus and liver. He battled it as much as possible and we had four extra months with him before he passed away quietly in the early morning with close family surrounding him. Hospice helped to make his last few days as comfortable and as painless as possible.

My heart goes out to all of those who are battling cancer. It robs people of their joy of living. My heart also goes out to the families of those victims. I now completely understand what you are going through and how you feel.

I will be reading Imagination at Grandpa’s memorial service today. This post is to share Grandpa’s story and pass along what he taught me. Everyone could benefit from a little more imagination.

Don’t you think?

~In Memory of My Grandpa~
October 20, 1934 – March 11, 2011
~Let his imagination live on~

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