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I watched this today and became very upset. Atheists do exist. That is not up for debate. I am one, I hang out with many and see even more. We exist and we want others to know that they aren’t alone. That is what these billboards are for. They do not impose on religious beliefs. They rally a kind together.

Watch this:

Under attack? Really?.

I don’t say that Christians don’t exist because they are of a belief that is opposite of mine. Mainly because its stupid. I know they exist and I love many Christians. They are among my family and friends. Some of them read this blog. You exist and so does your religion. I exist, as does atheism. We can debate about who’s right only after admitting that we both exist.

So, hi, I’m an atheist. What are you? Let’s talk and be civil. I’m not threatening your beliefs just by holding different ones. We threaten each other when we deny a right because of these beliefs. So let’s not do that here. How about we just talk.

What do you say to that? Truce.


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I mentioned being upset over the proposed NC amendment one. Sadly, it passed. North Carolina now recognizes only marriages between a man and a women. You can look up all the dangers on your own of what can now happen to civil unions and domestic partnerships. Just google the amendment and you’ll get personal stories, political stories, news, and so many other things to field through.

But really, just watch this and try to feel what he feels no matter what you think about the LGBT community.

Thank you for your time.

PS If you haven’t yet and it applies to you: please sign this.

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A while back I posted this article asking you to read this one. It talks about loving people beyond who your beliefs declare as “not sinning” like heterosexual people. I’m not going to say much about this response post – because it says enough for itself – except that it hit me hard. Please just take the time to read this. It won’t take much of your time and it may just change you. Thanks.

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”.

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Something was made clear to me last year. I haven’t always been the real me. I was really good at hiding myself and letting others decide who I was, what I wanted and sometimes even what I cared about. No one really knew that I wanted to be different from that. Well, almost no one.

There was one guy who could find me in my hiding places and behind my different masks. He pushed me and challenged me to be real with people. He told me I was an amazing person and that world needed to see the real me. He urged me to speak up.

Ans so through my blog, I will show people who I really am. I will expose the big issues that are really important to me and encourage you to at least open your mind to them. Some issues might be controversial and you may disagree with me. If that happens, I urge you to respectfully disagree with me and even share your own thoughts on the matter.  If you agree with me, I urge you to spread the word on these issues yourself and get others involved.

Whatever the case, I hope that Writing Wings can bring light issues that need to be heard and taken care of. The blog is going to change tones again but I can no longer sit back and watch things happen without at least trying to help. That’s like watching someone get beat up and then walking past them without so much as a second glance of concern.

Stop helping issues hide.  Let’s let them be seen in every color, good and bad alike. No matter who we are, we can do something. If nothing more than getting the buzz started or spreading it a bit more.

I’ll start posting regularly again as I find important issues. But this is enough for my introductory post. Stick around because posts will be flying in quickly.

Yours truly,

Author Faerie

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