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Leaving Camp

Well, Camp NaNoWriMo has reached its final day. I had a lot of great writing days in there. Learned some new tricks and ironed out a few story ideas. Unfortunately though I will not among those with a 50,000 word novel.

I have some goals to take away from camp though:
1 Write something daily – I have slotted two periods of time in a normal day to get some writing done. One right after work and one later in the evening. If I can get up on time or earlier I might move one of those to the morning or just add in a morning wake up writing session. Anyway, my goal is to put words on a page everyday.
2 Personal Journalism – I will be keeping a journal again (like I did a few years back for a while) and writing about the day and how different things made me feel. I think this will help me in many ways to keep track of things that stuck out with me throughout the day. I don’t have to write a lot but I do have to write every night in the journal despite my mood. (This will be separated from my other writing times and not count as a normal writing time.)
3 Work Space – I will pick a work space for my writing time and stick to it for that writing time. My favorite spots as of lately are my new desk area and my coffee place down here called Smelly Cat (I’m told it’s from Friends but I didn’t watch that…)
4 Story Focus – I will focus on no more than two separate stories at a time. Unless I am working on a special project or series.
5 Blogs/Articles – I am very interested in writing political opinion blogs and articles so I will be doing more of those as well. Many of which will be posted on this blog here. But I will also look for other ways to get my voice heard.

Am I disappointed with not finishing a novel during camp? A bit. But I’m more excited in what camp has sparked in me again. I have a writing track now and I’m ready to tack off!


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