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Due to my last few posts, I have received many comments, some phone calls, and a few emails regarding different aspects that I have touched on and many that I haven’t. I would like to take this post to directly address a number of things.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to non-judging religious people who I have represented incorrectly or underrepresented completely. You come from all religions. Whether your spiritual book of rules tells you that a certain lifestyle choice is wrong or not, you also understand that it is not your place to judge those who are outside of your religion. You have come in many forms but the active readers that I have noticed most are of the Christian variety. I know many of you personally, and I love you all greatly. And if I don’t know you, I still love you for what you are standing for in this. Thank you all!

Secondly, it has been shown to me that I am not being entirely fair to any group by finding the worst of some groups and setting them against some of the best (in my opinion) of another. That is very wrong of me to do. I am sorry for that and look to change this in how I approach my issues from now on.

Thirdly but really just a secondly afterthought or 2.5 or so, even though I have posted harsh or biased views in the past, I will leave up those blogs. I don’t intend to erase a mistake but wish to leave them up and admit I was wrong. From now on though, I will show Christians in support of gay rights, atheists making a good name for us by supporting this or that, and try my hardest to do as much research as I can about something before I post it. (OR at least note where I am lacking.)

Next, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me thoughts in one way or another due to recent posts. You have all given me so much to think about. Those of you who have shared your views though they differ greatly from mine, I thank you most. I know it isn’t always easy doing so but it’s important. I have been wrong in the way I have presented some things and extremely biased in others. Thank you for helping me see this.

Finally, I wished that this blog could be a place for respectful debates and peaceful discussions of varying views and it really has been. To all of my readers, even the silent ones, thank you. In just yesterday, I hit 100 views. That amazed me. I can only imagine what some of you are not saying about how my posts make you feel and I just wanted to say that if you are giving me any time of the day, thank you. Whether I have your attention for a minute or for hours after every post, thank you for letting me talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts.

And even more lastly, many of you have asked about the pastor in the video that talked of caging homosexuals so that they could die off without reproducing. Before I give you his name or the church he belongs to, I’d like to plead with you. Whether you are Christian or atheist, belong to his denomination or not, I beg of you to be respectful. If you write a letter or even give him a call or pay him a visit, do not lower yourself to his level. Instead, conduct yourselves with dignity and show him we do not approve of what he says. If you cannot because your emotions will carry you too far, please refrain until you can speak softer. You will be waiting with me. And we will have to work on that very much. Now for his name: according to this article here and by typing the name into google to verify, he is Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C.

Again, thank you all so much for every bit of feedback you have given, every word of mine that you have read and every thought of mine that you have entertained. I look forward to many more posts with you.

Thoughtfully and humbly yours,
~Author Faerie


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I watched this today and became very upset. Atheists do exist. That is not up for debate. I am one, I hang out with many and see even more. We exist and we want others to know that they aren’t alone. That is what these billboards are for. They do not impose on religious beliefs. They rally a kind together.

Watch this:

Under attack? Really?.

I don’t say that Christians don’t exist because they are of a belief that is opposite of mine. Mainly because its stupid. I know they exist and I love many Christians. They are among my family and friends. Some of them read this blog. You exist and so does your religion. I exist, as does atheism. We can debate about who’s right only after admitting that we both exist.

So, hi, I’m an atheist. What are you? Let’s talk and be civil. I’m not threatening your beliefs just by holding different ones. We threaten each other when we deny a right because of these beliefs. So let’s not do that here. How about we just talk.

What do you say to that? Truce.

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Well it’s definitely been a while. Hopefully I won’t ever be away from the site for that long ever again.

I will be shifting the focus of this blog slightly. Don’t worry though, some of you probably won’t really even notice a difference. The majority of what I post will still be about writing since that is my own main focus.Though I will also be adding general encouragement posts. These will be little quotes, sayings, thoughts from me or possibly even Bible verses. Pretty much if it encourages or inspires me, I will probably post it.

I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself here.
~Author Faerie

***If you would like to keep up with new blogs but don’t want to creep on this site daily (though I won’t mind at all if you do) there are a few ways to do that. If you have a Facebook, you can click the picture in the left sidebar and follow Writing Wings on Facebook. You can scroll to the bottom of any page on Writing Wings and follow Writing Wings through an RSS feed or subscribe for an email whenever a new blog comes out. I hope these help.

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“Don’t regret anything you do, cause in the end it makes you who you are”

I found that quote somewhere, but I don’t agree with it.

The quote doesn’t carry much hope for those of us with a rough past. We’ve made mistakes we can’t take back or lied to people we care about. Some of us have pretended to be someone we aren’t for so long that it’s painful to look in the mirror anymore.

It hurts when I look back to those parts of my past. I don’t like who my past has made me. Sometimes I just want to rip off the rear-view mirror of my life to stop from looking back at that car wreck behind me.

I still haven’t fully forgiven myself for everything I’ve done. It’s funny though, since I forgive friends because their friendship means more than their mistake. When you forgive someone, you are supposed to forget that mistake as well, right? So what about your relationship with yourself? It’s hard to forget, because you have to deal with the consequences of your past every day.

So what is the answer? The fact is, there is no easy answer. I can’t look back to the past and say I don’t regret things. That’s not who I am, and it’s not who I want to be.

The past doesn’t make you who you are. It simply explains how you got to where you are in life. From there you decide to change what you can and forgive what you can’t. The past is just that: the past. As hard as it might be, we have to move our focus away from the past. We have the future to look forward to and the present to live in.

~Author Faerie, with a lot of help from a friend

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Stepping Out

It’s my time.
Right now.

I’ve been the same girl my entire life.
The people pleaser.
The problem solver.
Everyone’s friend.

But I don’t want to be that girl anymore.
She feels so fake now.
So my life is changing big time.
And I’m reinventing myself.

It’s time I started listening to myself.
I will please myself.
Solve my own problems.
And be my own friend by being the real me.

This last week I went on a trip down to North Carolina. I went mainly on the basis that I needed a break. I knew something was wrong in my life. Home didn’t feel like home in the small town called Swanton, OH I have lived for all 18 years of my life. It was holding me back and forcing me to fit the mold that I had created for myself.

It was actually really hard on me just to get myself there. I went with a friend that was passing through the area and stayed with a friend that showed me around his city of Charlotte. It was hard to step out of my comfort zone even if I hated every minute of it.

But let me tell you, it has been the best experience of my life. Mind you I haven’t actually done much with my life. But I did it and my life will never go back to the way it is. I am changed.

As I write this post, I am sitting in a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere between Charlotte and Swanton. The car broke down. At 1:30am. On the interstate. After much waiting, complications of tow trucks, no hotel rooms available, and no sleep as my friend and I cuddled in the back of the car for a bed to keep warm, you can probably imagine that I look like a mess. Well add in bloodshot eyes because I’m also having a mental breakdown.

Life is complicated, to say the least. But I’m getting somewhere and I’m not turning back. Life is hard but I’m seeing that its worth it.

It’s time for me to step out and be the me that I have always aspired to be.
~Author Faerie

PS Thank you for those that have read all the way through this post and are now reading this. I have just poured my heart out to you. Occasionally I will do this now. Again, thank you. From the bottom of my renewed heart.

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