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Due to my last few posts, I have received many comments, some phone calls, and a few emails regarding different aspects that I have touched on and many that I haven’t. I would like to take this post to directly address a number of things.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to non-judging religious people who I have represented incorrectly or underrepresented completely. You come from all religions. Whether your spiritual book of rules tells you that a certain lifestyle choice is wrong or not, you also understand that it is not your place to judge those who are outside of your religion. You have come in many forms but the active readers that I have noticed most are of the Christian variety. I know many of you personally, and I love you all greatly. And if I don’t know you, I still love you for what you are standing for in this. Thank you all!

Secondly, it has been shown to me that I am not being entirely fair to any group by finding the worst of some groups and setting them against some of the best (in my opinion) of another. That is very wrong of me to do. I am sorry for that and look to change this in how I approach my issues from now on.

Thirdly but really just a secondly afterthought or 2.5 or so, even though I have posted harsh or biased views in the past, I will leave up those blogs. I don’t intend to erase a mistake but wish to leave them up and admit I was wrong. From now on though, I will show Christians in support of gay rights, atheists making a good name for us by supporting this or that, and try my hardest to do as much research as I can about something before I post it. (OR at least note where I am lacking.)

Next, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me thoughts in one way or another due to recent posts. You have all given me so much to think about. Those of you who have shared your views though they differ greatly from mine, I thank you most. I know it isn’t always easy doing so but it’s important. I have been wrong in the way I have presented some things and extremely biased in others. Thank you for helping me see this.

Finally, I wished that this blog could be a place for respectful debates and peaceful discussions of varying views and it really has been. To all of my readers, even the silent ones, thank you. In just yesterday, I hit 100 views. That amazed me. I can only imagine what some of you are not saying about how my posts make you feel and I just wanted to say that if you are giving me any time of the day, thank you. Whether I have your attention for a minute or for hours after every post, thank you for letting me talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts.

And even more lastly, many of you have asked about the pastor in the video that talked of caging homosexuals so that they could die off without reproducing. Before I give you his name or the church he belongs to, I’d like to plead with you. Whether you are Christian or atheist, belong to his denomination or not, I beg of you to be respectful. If you write a letter or even give him a call or pay him a visit, do not lower yourself to his level. Instead, conduct yourselves with dignity and show him we do not approve of what he says. If you cannot because your emotions will carry you too far, please refrain until you can speak softer. You will be waiting with me. And we will have to work on that very much. Now for his name: according to this article here and by typing the name into google to verify, he is Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C.

Again, thank you all so much for every bit of feedback you have given, every word of mine that you have read and every thought of mine that you have entertained. I look forward to many more posts with you.

Thoughtfully and humbly yours,
~Author Faerie


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I post a lot about gay rights. Especially after NC passed amendment 1. But I’d like to let you hear some voices that aren’t mine. (Yes, I know I’ve already put out a few posts like that already.) In this post, I’m just going to list a few good posts. Though I’ll probably still have some stragglers after this, so bear with me.

How one dad is moving forward after amendment one A call for all kinds to look at future generations and decide what we want to leave for them.

“We’ve been together for seven years, and married in our hearts for five. I hope that one day we can come back here and get issued the marriage license that we deserve.”
I will keep fighting for people like this.

That old refrain marriage is between a man and a woman It’s getting a bit worn out.

That should do it for now.

But before I finish this I have a note for my readers, especially my dedicated ones on the opposite belief scale from me: I never intend to lump you all in together when I point out the worst of your fellow believers. I know some of you are very supportive of things you’d rather not be because of your beliefs. To those of you like this, I greatly thank you. You are the reasons I will continue to fight for your right to practice whatever religion you choose.

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I mentioned being upset over the proposed NC amendment one. Sadly, it passed. North Carolina now recognizes only marriages between a man and a women. You can look up all the dangers on your own of what can now happen to civil unions and domestic partnerships. Just google the amendment and you’ll get personal stories, political stories, news, and so many other things to field through.

But really, just watch this and try to feel what he feels no matter what you think about the LGBT community.

Thank you for your time.

PS If you haven’t yet and it applies to you: please sign this.

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In North Carolina, there is an amendment on the ballot that will make marriage between a man and a women the only domestic and legal union to be recognized and valid in the state. Now to most of you this will seem as just a homosexual issue and mainly that’s what it is about. But there are so many other dangerous things that could happen if this passes on May 8.

Now I could get into all those other details but really a bunch of facts and statistics aren’t going to change minds. If that was as easy as it was, this ballot wouldn’t have been put to vote.

No, the problem here is the mindset of the majority when looking at homosexual couples. It isn’t threatening. Forget for a moment about AIDs, that spreads without protection (something that heterosexual couples can forget as well) or other careless sleeping around (again something that hetero people do as well) and all that other “gay disease” stuff. Instead think about real people trying to just live life and happen to love someone of the same-sex romantically. Why don’t you just read about this family?

Or maybe watch this:

If neither of these doesn’t affect you, then I am sorry for you.

LGBT parents are out there struggling to make a good life for their children just like heterosexual parents are. Same-sex couples are just trying to get by just as everyone else is. The big difference is that The LGBT is discriminated against as well and have to worry about that nonsense crap as well.

Your religion or god may tell you that it is wrong or sinful but you should care more about loving them than restricting them.

If you are voting on this amendment on May 8, please vote against it. All real and true and valid families that love each other need protection.

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A while back I posted this article asking you to read this one. It talks about loving people beyond who your beliefs declare as “not sinning” like heterosexual people. I’m not going to say much about this response post – because it says enough for itself – except that it hit me hard. Please just take the time to read this. It won’t take much of your time and it may just change you. Thanks.

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”.

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From playing house to partner Halloween costumes and everything in between, Grandpa showed me how to be creative. He taught me the basics of asking the question “What if?” and exploring the options.

Grandpa and I were always buddies. We were teammates for card games, marbles and anything else that came up. We were partnered for our annual Christmas shopping as well as dressing up as coordinating costumes for trick-or-treating. He even played dolls with me when I brought them out.

As I child, I always looked forward to when I could spend time with Grandpa and show him my new toys. Now as I’m older, I look back on those days and see that Grandpa was encouraging the main thing that would inspire my career path.

Grandpa inspired my imagination.

I always had it in me. Teachers would tell my parents that I had a wonderful imagination but that it was often getting in my way. Dad would always tell people that I was the imaginative child.

But Grandpa encouraged it more than anyone.
As a writer, imagination is definitely a key asset to unlocking great stories and catching people’s attention. Especially for a fantasy writer.

Some people would see trouble as Grandpa and I got together. They were right, of course. Two very imaginative minds in the same room was something fierce.
Up until now, I had never really given it much thought about why my imagination is so vast. It’s very obvious though. All those games, stories, costumes and memories were building on my already vivid imagination and creativity.

Imagination is definitely needed for writing. What about in the “real world” though?

Now that I’m older I hear a lot of Grandpa’s talks about politics and economy. I used to try to avoid them but now I listen to more of them. With our government in sad shape and our economy in the same rough position, imagination allows me to ask “What if?” and see what our world could be like if things were different.

I can see the world if different people were in power. I can see people if they cared for others more. I can see a society that works together. I can see what God made us to be. Most importantly, I can see what God is trying to create for us when he returns.

So the bitter people who look down on people with imagination like Grandpa and I are really missing out and I feel bad for them.

Imagination is a gift. And I’m so glad Grandpa encouraged mine.

~by Me, Christmas Present to Grandpa, December 2010

Grandpa just passed away due to a very aggressive form of cancer in his esophagus and liver. He battled it as much as possible and we had four extra months with him before he passed away quietly in the early morning with close family surrounding him. Hospice helped to make his last few days as comfortable and as painless as possible.

My heart goes out to all of those who are battling cancer. It robs people of their joy of living. My heart also goes out to the families of those victims. I now completely understand what you are going through and how you feel.

I will be reading Imagination at Grandpa’s memorial service today. This post is to share Grandpa’s story and pass along what he taught me. Everyone could benefit from a little more imagination.

Don’t you think?

~In Memory of My Grandpa~
October 20, 1934 – March 11, 2011
~Let his imagination live on~

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