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Yay! Camping has finally started! Woo hoo!

And guess what?! I’m already ahead! Not by much but still ahead!

Here are a few tips that I’ve found this year already or are leftover from last year’s NaNo:

    1. Don’t blog/surf online for fun/etc until you’ve at least matched where you are supposed to be for that day.
    2. Get ahead as much as possible when you are in the zone. You will need that stock up later in the month. I promise.
    3. If you don’t have an outline yet, take a break and put some of your writing time towards putting together at least a vague one. It will help you tremendously. And you’ll make up that time no doubt.
    4. IF you have an outline but get stuck somewhere, skip it! That’s what the outline is for! Write scenes out-of-order and whatever you have in your head at the moment. It will save you a lot of wasted “writing block” time.
    5. Similar to the last one, learn to use the brackets as ways to insert a thought like [and then they do something that gets them to the place where _____ happens]. Seriously, you will love yourself later on and either save yourself from writers blocks or even boring scenes.
    6. Other suggestions for brackets are things that you need to fix with characters or plot holes but don’t want to waste precious writing time on that stuff, such as [change Sam’s name to Jessica from this point forward], [go back and fix Chelsea’s back story so that she now has a sister] and [act as if Owen and Jadara haven’t met yet]. Just don’t put your entire story in brackets. That defeats the point of writing a story.
    7. If your morning allows for it, get some writing in before you take off for the day. It will boost your confidence knowing that you at least have a few (or more) words already under your belt for the day. I did that today and it felt great. :) You won’t regret it if you do but don’t go out of your way to try this if you aren’t a morning person.

Well hopefully my first round of tips is somewhat helpful for someone. Mainly just keep writing, if you come to a block, skip it or just write something else entirely until you get an idea. Good luck campers!


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Hey all you crazy fellow NaNo-ers out there.

Just thought I’d share something awesome with you. It’s a software called Scrivener. It’s an amazing system for story planning and first draft. All those little features you wish you could have in a basic word program at your fingertips or mouse point. And once you learn how to use the features it has, you won’t want to go back. If you want to try it out through NaNo, check out their extended NaNoWriMo trial here.

Now this writer needs to get back to her planning. Less than a week left!

~Author Faerie

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Oh crap!

Well, I did it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year.

What is NaNoWriMo? Google it! Actually no, I’ll sum it up for you: Starting November 1 at midnight, insane writers from all over challenge themselves to complete a 50,000-word novel before November 30 runs out.

My problem? I have no idea what I’m getting myself into! I have only a week left to figure out what I will be working on this next month! A week to decide, outline, gather coffee and stock up on extra sleep before the frenzy begins. What have I done? Someone help me.

~Author Faerie

PS Join me?

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I just happened to come across this in my stumbling and thought I’d share them with you. Be warned though: these secrets will change how you write. Do not read this if you do not want to change your writing habits. This is not for the weak.

Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You

~Author Faerie

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Hey guess what?! I went to the emergency room on Monday! Before you ask, I’m not dying. No more or less than anyone else out there. Living is the number one cause for death in the world, you know. I’m just going to be watched a little more carefully on blood levels and stuff. I had a migraine for the first time in my life and we are looking for the main cause of it.

Anyway, now that I’ve had a bit of fun it’s time to get to the good stuff. A friend sent me a link the other day that included this advice. Since it struck something in me, I figured I’d share it with all of you.

writing quote

If you are going through this now, you aren’t alone. I just finished a book and a lot of it needs rewritten, tossed or seriously edited. I’m not awesome – yet. But if I ever want to be, I have to just keep writing and pushing through even when I look back at my work and just see jumbled words on a page.

If you are struggling, let me know! I’d love to talk to you and encourage you! We can help each other. I would be nowhere close to having a my completed manuscript and I may have just quit altogether if it weren’t for a small group of people around me to help me out through this time.

Please don’t give up just because you think your work is crap. Don’t give up because writing is hard. Give up only if you decide that you want to pursue something else entirely. And even then, don’t give up on that.

Fighting with you,
~Author Faerie

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Well, many have doubted this task. Including myself. But nevertheless, my book is done! Finished, completed, whatever verb you would like to use here. Book 1 of my trilogy is done!

Now I simply have to take at least 2 weeks off, then edit for plot holes, then grammar errors, and then start trying to query agents or go for self publishing. So maybe it’s not completely finished yet. But finishing draft one is fully done and that is a major accomplishment for anyone!

A lot of people have been asking me what I’m going to do next.

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. This book (Sacrifice) is part of at least a trilogy (The Gem Circle Trilogy). I won’t start book 2 until book 1 is being sent out to agents or even after that. I have some other story ideas in my head I could work on. Some related to the series like side stories of other characters. Some stories with a whole new set of characters, settings, and plots. I may even take a break from writing novels and focus my time on this blog or some other nonfiction ideas. I will continue writing though in some form somewhere.

Thank you so much for everyone who encouraged me. I really would not have even gotten this far without all of you.

Happily looking forward
~Author Faerie

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Okay for all you writers that read this blog, this is for you. I need you all!

My trouble currently is just the last scene of my book. Actually its the fact that if I write it then my book is done. Part of me just doesn’t want to end it now. I’ve spent an entire year with this book. I can’t easily just end it. Yes, I know I will still spend time with it while I edit it. Not to mention how much time I’ll spend sending it to agents and publishers. And the fact that this book is part of at least a trilogy.

But, of course, part of me is screaming “Stop being so stupid and just finish the book already!” I really want it to be done now. I want to start editing.

Maybe I’m just crazy. Writers, what do you think? Any thoughts or advice for me?

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