I post a lot about gay rights. Especially after NC passed amendment 1. But I’d like to let you hear some voices that aren’t mine. (Yes, I know I’ve already put out a few posts like that already.) In this post, I’m just going to list a few good posts. Though I’ll probably still have some stragglers after this, so bear with me.

How one dad is moving forward after amendment one A call for all kinds to look at future generations and decide what we want to leave for them.

“We’ve been together for seven years, and married in our hearts for five. I hope that one day we can come back here and get issued the marriage license that we deserve.”
I will keep fighting for people like this.

That old refrain marriage is between a man and a woman It’s getting a bit worn out.

That should do it for now.

But before I finish this I have a note for my readers, especially my dedicated ones on the opposite belief scale from me: I never intend to lump you all in together when I point out the worst of your fellow believers. I know some of you are very supportive of things you’d rather not be because of your beliefs. To those of you like this, I greatly thank you. You are the reasons I will continue to fight for your right to practice whatever religion you choose.


I watched this today and became very upset. Atheists do exist. That is not up for debate. I am one, I hang out with many and see even more. We exist and we want others to know that they aren’t alone. That is what these billboards are for. They do not impose on religious beliefs. They rally a kind together.

Watch this:

Under attack? Really?.

I don’t say that Christians don’t exist because they are of a belief that is opposite of mine. Mainly because its stupid. I know they exist and I love many Christians. They are among my family and friends. Some of them read this blog. You exist and so does your religion. I exist, as does atheism. We can debate about who’s right only after admitting that we both exist.

So, hi, I’m an atheist. What are you? Let’s talk and be civil. I’m not threatening your beliefs just by holding different ones. We threaten each other when we deny a right because of these beliefs. So let’s not do that here. How about we just talk.

What do you say to that? Truce.

I mentioned being upset over the proposed NC amendment one. Sadly, it passed. North Carolina now recognizes only marriages between a man and a women. You can look up all the dangers on your own of what can now happen to civil unions and domestic partnerships. Just google the amendment and you’ll get personal stories, political stories, news, and so many other things to field through.

But really, just watch this and try to feel what he feels no matter what you think about the LGBT community.

Thank you for your time.

PS If you haven’t yet and it applies to you: please sign this.

I’ve heard the argument against gay marriage that it will ruin the sanctity of marriage. I hope this comic – which is more disturbing and frustrating to me than funny – helps you see the absurdity of that argument.

In North Carolina, there is an amendment on the ballot that will make marriage between a man and a women the only domestic and legal union to be recognized and valid in the state. Now to most of you this will seem as just a homosexual issue and mainly that’s what it is about. But there are so many other dangerous things that could happen if this passes on May 8.

Now I could get into all those other details but really a bunch of facts and statistics aren’t going to change minds. If that was as easy as it was, this ballot wouldn’t have been put to vote.

No, the problem here is the mindset of the majority when looking at homosexual couples. It isn’t threatening. Forget for a moment about AIDs, that spreads without protection (something that heterosexual couples can forget as well) or other careless sleeping around (again something that hetero people do as well) and all that other “gay disease” stuff. Instead think about real people trying to just live life and happen to love someone of the same-sex romantically. Why don’t you just read about this family?

Or maybe watch this:

If neither of these doesn’t affect you, then I am sorry for you.

LGBT parents are out there struggling to make a good life for their children just like heterosexual parents are. Same-sex couples are just trying to get by just as everyone else is. The big difference is that The LGBT is discriminated against as well and have to worry about that nonsense crap as well.

Your religion or god may tell you that it is wrong or sinful but you should care more about loving them than restricting them.

If you are voting on this amendment on May 8, please vote against it. All real and true and valid families that love each other need protection.

I haven’t posted anything recently so I’m posting this for you to read over and study up on so that you don’t use these in your arguments.

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