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This blog has been a ghost town for about four months now. I’m not sure if it was my longest hiatus but it was definitely another long one.

I could bore you with excuses that hold no weight anyway or tell you what I’ve been up to (I won NaNoWriMo this year by the way) but really, I don’t want to.

Let me be honest here. This blog here, good old Writing Wings, started out as a fun experiment for me. And I learned a lot and had fun. But I changed my intention of this blog way too much. And now that I’ve been away for so long, it’s just a quiet but persistent nagging in the back of my mind.

I don’t want to write here anymore though. I have a balance of old friends and new friends, family and perfect strangers, atheists and Christians. It’s a bit tiring to balance my audience here. I do want to keep blogging though. But I want to do it for me.

I’ll be writing elsewhere. Sometimes stories, sometimes political rants, sometimes perfect chaos of nonsense. But I’m not going to tell you what the blog is. If you discover it, you can read it. Most likely because you will find it by tags that will show that you are looking for my type of writing. I want my new audience to like me for what I write, not who I am.

I will be closing out all of the pages of this blog except the blog itself. They will remain online and public for as long as I don’t feel shameful for them. If you would like, go back and read old stuff. Or just walk away from here like I will after posting this.

For all of you still here, I’d like to thank you most of all. My audience. No matter who you are, what you believe, whether I know you or not. If you have stuck around until this very end, thank you. You have made me feel like I wasn’t just clicking keys for nothing. You all are great.

Thanks for the great ride.
~Author Faerie :)


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Due to my last few posts, I have received many comments, some phone calls, and a few emails regarding different aspects that I have touched on and many that I haven’t. I would like to take this post to directly address a number of things.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to non-judging religious people who I have represented incorrectly or underrepresented completely. You come from all religions. Whether your spiritual book of rules tells you that a certain lifestyle choice is wrong or not, you also understand that it is not your place to judge those who are outside of your religion. You have come in many forms but the active readers that I have noticed most are of the Christian variety. I know many of you personally, and I love you all greatly. And if I don’t know you, I still love you for what you are standing for in this. Thank you all!

Secondly, it has been shown to me that I am not being entirely fair to any group by finding the worst of some groups and setting them against some of the best (in my opinion) of another. That is very wrong of me to do. I am sorry for that and look to change this in how I approach my issues from now on.

Thirdly but really just a secondly afterthought or 2.5 or so, even though I have posted harsh or biased views in the past, I will leave up those blogs. I don’t intend to erase a mistake but wish to leave them up and admit I was wrong. From now on though, I will show Christians in support of gay rights, atheists making a good name for us by supporting this or that, and try my hardest to do as much research as I can about something before I post it. (OR at least note where I am lacking.)

Next, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me thoughts in one way or another due to recent posts. You have all given me so much to think about. Those of you who have shared your views though they differ greatly from mine, I thank you most. I know it isn’t always easy doing so but it’s important. I have been wrong in the way I have presented some things and extremely biased in others. Thank you for helping me see this.

Finally, I wished that this blog could be a place for respectful debates and peaceful discussions of varying views and it really has been. To all of my readers, even the silent ones, thank you. In just yesterday, I hit 100 views. That amazed me. I can only imagine what some of you are not saying about how my posts make you feel and I just wanted to say that if you are giving me any time of the day, thank you. Whether I have your attention for a minute or for hours after every post, thank you for letting me talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts.

And even more lastly, many of you have asked about the pastor in the video that talked of caging homosexuals so that they could die off without reproducing. Before I give you his name or the church he belongs to, I’d like to plead with you. Whether you are Christian or atheist, belong to his denomination or not, I beg of you to be respectful. If you write a letter or even give him a call or pay him a visit, do not lower yourself to his level. Instead, conduct yourselves with dignity and show him we do not approve of what he says. If you cannot because your emotions will carry you too far, please refrain until you can speak softer. You will be waiting with me. And we will have to work on that very much. Now for his name: according to this article here and by typing the name into google to verify, he is Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C.

Again, thank you all so much for every bit of feedback you have given, every word of mine that you have read and every thought of mine that you have entertained. I look forward to many more posts with you.

Thoughtfully and humbly yours,
~Author Faerie

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I haven’t posted anything recently so I’m posting this for you to read over and study up on so that you don’t use these in your arguments.

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Maybe you remember me mentioning Google Plus (Google+ or G+) in the past. It’s a social community but a lot better and more productive than Facebook ever will be. Anyway, if you aren’t on G+ yet, I would strongly advise that you get one. It’s awesome over there. If you do get one (or are one of the cool people who have one already), go ahead and follow Writing Wings over there.

That’s all for now. By the way, how are you liking Writing Wings lately?

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Something was made clear to me last year. I haven’t always been the real me. I was really good at hiding myself and letting others decide who I was, what I wanted and sometimes even what I cared about. No one really knew that I wanted to be different from that. Well, almost no one.

There was one guy who could find me in my hiding places and behind my different masks. He pushed me and challenged me to be real with people. He told me I was an amazing person and that world needed to see the real me. He urged me to speak up.

Ans so through my blog, I will show people who I really am. I will expose the big issues that are really important to me and encourage you to at least open your mind to them. Some issues might be controversial and you may disagree with me. If that happens, I urge you to respectfully disagree with me and even share your own thoughts on the matter.  If you agree with me, I urge you to spread the word on these issues yourself and get others involved.

Whatever the case, I hope that Writing Wings can bring light issues that need to be heard and taken care of. The blog is going to change tones again but I can no longer sit back and watch things happen without at least trying to help. That’s like watching someone get beat up and then walking past them without so much as a second glance of concern.

Stop helping issues hide.  Let’s let them be seen in every color, good and bad alike. No matter who we are, we can do something. If nothing more than getting the buzz started or spreading it a bit more.

I’ll start posting regularly again as I find important issues. But this is enough for my introductory post. Stick around because posts will be flying in quickly.

Yours truly,

Author Faerie

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What’s this? Could it be?!

Oh my goodness, yes it is! Writing Wings is back!

Looks a lot different doesn’t it? I’m hoping this new look allows people to feel more at ease when they are poking around on the site.

I’d like to turn your attention to some of the new features so that you don’t have to aimlessly click around looking for everything. (But feel free to do that anyway if you’d like to.)

Let’s start with the top, shall we? Take a look at those tabs.

Home will now be where the blog is. It will no longer have its own page but instead it will be the main focus when anyone comes to Writing Wings.

The BETA tab will only be around for a little while longer and then it will be changed to the News page. I’ll use the news page separately from the blog to update you about bugs and changes around here. This will keep me from spamming the blog with that sort of stuff like I used to. (Do I hear cheering?) Anyone that commented on the old home page, this is where you will find those comments.

Next we have the Writing Corner. Yep, it is still around. Writers, you will want to look through area when you get a chance. I’ll be tweaking that area often.

And finally, the old familiar Suggestion Box. Stop by here to drop me suggestions for new features you want to see around the site, ideas you’d like me to tackle in blog-form or anything else that comes to mind. Leave the name box empty if you would like to remain anonymous.

Now I’d like to direct your attention to the right of the tabs. It’s a search bar. I’m sure you are familiar with search bars so I don’t need to say too much. The search bar will search the entire Writing Wings site for you. For those of you that aren’t yet tired of aimless clicking, go ahead and keep clicking away. For those of you that are, enjoy.

Right below the search bar are the RSS links. If you want to follow Writing Wings RSS style, go for it. You can also follow comments on pages and posts that I allow comments for. Go ahead, be lazy. Let your RSS reader stalk my site for you. I won’t feel too bad.

You will see the title and tagline for Writing Wings on every page, right there above the header. Whenever you click the title, you will be brought back to the homepage. Nifty, isn’t it? Okay maybe not so cool but you’ll probably use it anyway.

And now that brings us to the sidebar. There are a lot of neat things over there but I’ll try to be short and sweet. (But you should be warned, writers are rarely either.) The order may change so bear with me – you’ve been great so far.

The Pages bubble will show you a complete list of pages on the site and the hierarchy of them. If a page has sub-pages, they will be listed at the bottom of that page instead of in a dropdown style like the old days. This bubble is to help you get used to that new feature.

Next up is something that I hope will help you be more involved in the discussions around the site. What’s Being Said will keep track of the most recent comments from anywhere on Writing Wings. It has two parts. First it will tell you the comment’s author. (If the name is clickable, it will direct you to that person’s website and away from Writing Wings.) The second part will tell you which post or page that they commented on. If you click the title, it will take you to their comment on that page. So comment on something and then watch your name pop up there.

After that we have an old feature with a new name. Fly With Us is the new name for Subscriptions. If you haven’t signed up for email notifications of new blogs and would like to, check that out. If you already signed up for subscriptions, your information is still in the system and you should have received a notification about this blog via the email you signed up with. (If you have any issues with that, drop it in the suggestion box and I’ll take of it as soon as I can.)

The next bubble will show all the Categories that the blogs are grouped in. I’m still working on that part of organization but it should be cleaned up soon and old posts that are no longer relevant will be deleted. (Mostly all the old updates and set up notifications.)

And finally we have the Writing Wings Writers. Right now it’s just me in there but if I add any guest writers or partner writers, they will join me there. The cool part about this feature happens when you hover over the picture. Go ahead, hover over it. Cool, right? It will show you a little profile about me thanks to gravatar.com. They help you make profiles based on your email. You can set up a profile and it will show a picture next to your comments on any site that supports gravatar. (It has a lot of other cool features but you can find those out for yourself.)

Well, we’ve finally made it to the end of the tour! That was exhausting! Alright, now you know all about the new features of the new Writing Wings. Thanks for sticking with me through this tour and this whole re-design process. You guys are great! Really!

~Author Faerie

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